Source: The high price of eating disorders.

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being diagnosed with celiac and getting answers about why i wouldn’t lose weight after a week of not eating, or why other than the fact that i ate 6 donuts i felt like i was actually dying.

i think my mom had a problem too. she’s never said anything. but she never tried to stop me. refused to think anything other than my autoimmune problems were the cause of cavities in my teeth before they even erupted. Please. Think of the worst you’ve ever felt in your life.

Think for just a second. As a 1 on a scale of good to bad.

Now think of this: 100,000,000,000

that’s how happy you can feel once you get better. no one should feel blamed, or like they cant ask for help. i’d hate to think my mom or grandma felt the way i did. and i don’t want my daughter to ever feel that way. this disease needs to be taken seriously and the causes and related issues need to be further studied. because no one should feel like they have to make themselves waste away. or over eat to punish themselves. or throw up because you don’t think you’re good enough for food. but i did. and it sucks. and i wish no one would ever have to deal with it again.